These Dutch birds are thought to be named after the town of Lakenvelt, but they were developed in Germany. They're very rarely kept in the U.S., but those who do keep them do so as pets, for eggs and show only. Abroad there are several other varieties of Lakenvelders bred, but domestically Silver is the only variety (pictured below).

Silver Lakenvelder Pullet


Class: Continental (Northern European)
Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
Size: Small (4-5 lbs)
Rarity: Rare
Purpose: Egg-laying
Recognized Varieties: Silver

Egg Facts:

Egg Laying: Good (3/wk)
Egg Color: Cream or Tinted
Egg Size: Medium

Fancy Features:

Comb Type: Single Comb
Crested: No
Feathered Legs: No
Number of Toes: 4

Suitability to Backyard Life:

Hardy In Winter: No
Bears Confinement: Bears confinement well
Especially Docile: No
Setter/Broody: No
Personality: Type A

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