The Richest Scrambled Eggs Ever - A My Pet Chicken Original!

The trick to these scrambled eggs is a small amount of Land O' Lakes White American cheese. It's so subtle that it won't taste like you've added cheese - it'll just taste rich and delicious.

Serves: 3
Cook time: 5 minutes


6 large eggs
1 thick slice of Land O' Lakes White American cheese
1 tbsp butter
Salt to taste


- Heat butter in nonstick pan over low heat
- Mix eggs thoroughly in medium mixing bowl with a wire whisk
- Once butter is melted, add eggs to pan
- Cut cheese slice into 8 pieces, and immediately add to pan
- With silicone spatula, move contents every 20-30 seconds making sure eggs do not burn or
- Cook to taste. We like to remove eggs as soon as they're firmed up, but others like them
  cooked slightly longer.
- Remove from pan and add salt to taste!


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