Egg Recipes

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs.

Ah, the hard-boiled eggs: the Easter treat, the dieter's best friend; well-loved in America and abroad! We hate it when the yolks are green or gray (overcooked) or mushy in the middle (undercooked). They should be yellow and the same consistency throughout. Follow this surefire hard boiled egg recipe for success every time!   go now

The World's Best Deviled Eggs (Mom's Recipe)

This is my mom's simple deviled egg recipe, and just about everyone who has ever had them raves about them. She's asked to bring them to every party and family gathering. These are not your grandmother's deviled eggs!   go now

Oeufs Au Nuage (Egg in a cloud).

This egg recipe comes from our good friends James and Ann, and is a fun alternative if you enjoy eggs and toast!   go now

Popeye Eggs (Mom's Recipe)

When my mom was a teenager, she made up this egg recipe to the delight of the children she was babysitting for. It's been a family favorite ever since. Enjoy!   go now

Surfer Steve's Zucchini Frittata - A My Pet Chicken Original!

Surfer Steve is a multi-talented guy who not only (as his name implies) enjoys surfing, but also happens to be an excellent cook! Steve's whole family loves natural and organic food, and he concocted this tasty breakfast egg recipe with them in mind. Enjoy!  go now

The Richest Scrambled Eggs Ever - A My Pet Chicken Original!

The trick to these scrambled eggs is a small amount of Land O' Lakes White American cheese. It's so subtle that it won't taste like you've added cheese - it'll just taste rich and delicious.  go now

Avocado Deviled Eggs

I know it’s not even St. Valentine’s Day, but I have St. Patrick on my mind! It’s cold here in West Virginia. We’ve just had our second ice storm in a week. The sun is sharp and bright, and while other more amorous types might be seeing red, I’m longing for nothing but green these days. So, I pulled out this recipe for Avocado Deviled Eggs that is a perfect treat anytime, but especially for St. Patrick’s Day meals and gatherings!  go now

Grandma's Brownies

Delicious chewy brownies made by four generations in our family.   go now

Baked Eggs in Squash Nests

A healthy meal or snack that can be eaten any time of day. Best made with fresh eggs from the coop and fresh zucchini or squash from the garden.   go now