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Fancy Hen Saddle - Miss Anabel

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Your hen will prance around the yard with pride in one of these beautiful, made-in-America Hen Saddles. They're sewn with love in South Carolina by a fellow doting chicken "mama" who wanted to protect her birds with something as cute as they are! With many designs and style options, you can choose which will complement your hen the best. Miss Anabel comes in different fabrics including: Steel Gray with pink bow and pink ruffle, Steel Gray with beige bow and gray print ruffle, Rust with beige bow and beige print ruffle, and Steel Gray with gold bow and gold print ruffle.  

If your roosters are being overly... (eh hem) amorous... or your hens are picking at one another, causing feather loss or a bare back, our gorgeous Hen Saddles will keep those girls covered and allow the feathers to regrow.

Each saddle is sewn with three layers: the fabric of your choice on the top and bottom, and an interface layer in between (or fleece, if you choose). Frills are a folded, pressed piece of material, with both the top and underneath side reflecting the "right side" or colorful side of the material.In other words, these heavy-duty saddles won't fall apart. They're made to last. If your winters get cold, you may want to consider adding a fleece lining.

The saddles come in three different sizes to accommodate a range of bird sizes. The suggestions for each size are listed below. And if you're not sure which size would fit best, or you have a pullet that still has some growing to do, you don't have to worry -- you can order your saddle with an "adjustable snap" to ensure you get a good fit. Plus the elastic straps help keep the apron snug while still allowing your birds plenty of room to stretch their wings. The Hen Saddle has been tested extensively on the designer's flock, and on our own!

Small: for Bantams or small breeds up to 3 lbs. Measures approximately 6” long by 7.5” wide
Medium: for most Large Fowl birds 3.5 to 6 pounds. Measures approximately 7' long by 9” wide
Large: For only the largest hens (Orpingtons, Cochins, Brahmas) or most roosters (6.5 to 9 lbs.). Measures approximately 9” long by 12” wide

*Each order is custom made, so please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

**Refunds for unused saddles will be given, minus a $3 processing fee.


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