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Garden Loft Building Plans (up to 16+ chickens)

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The Garden Loft offers a large, raised henhouse loft that spans the full-width of the coop and opens into a secure, covered, enclosed run. This puts everything within easy reach for care and cleaning. And because the run is integrated with the henhouse, your chickens are free to move between them as they please -- you don't have to let them out in the morning and put them away in the evening.

From the ground up, the Garden Loft protects your flock from predators, pests, and the weather. The frame is wrapped with both heavy-duty hardware cloth and plywood siding, and you can customize this however you like. There is a hardware cloth ceiling above the henhouse and run and a hardware cloth skirt at the base. The skirt deters rodents and predators from digging in while leaving the ground in the run open for your chickens to scratch in. 


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