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Pullets: Cuckoo Bluebar

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Started birds are for people who don't have the time, equipment or desire to care for chicks.

We're excited to announceanother new chicken variety the world has never seen. Martha Stewart has even adopted cuckoo bluebars for her own flock of rare breed chickens. My Pet Chicken's clever eggsperts dreamed up this special new bird featuring beautiful, barred blue plumage (not black like most barred birds). Hens that develop early and are prolific layers of huge blue or blue-green eggs--however what you are buying here are young roosters, or "cockerels." These males, of course, do not lay eggs.

Cuckoo Bluebars are heat-hardy, friendly, smart, and they're wonderful foragers, too.

All Started Juveniles are shipped USPS Express Mail.

**Please do not immediately turn your new birds out with an existing flock. Read why, here.

Your cockerels will be shipped at 6 weeks of age.


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