Backyard chickens are rewarding and easy to keep! We offer everything you need to get started including baby chicks, fertile hatching eggs, chicken coops and supplies, plus free "how to" information.

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Other great tools & resources:

Don't know which breed is right for you?

We can help! Our free, totally unique Which Chicken breed selector tool asks you six questions and, based on your responses, automatically spits out a custom breed recommendation.  Go now

Free How-To Chicken Care Guide

Our very own guide for the care of backyard chickens, this free e-book covers all the basics for the chicken novice. A quick and easy read!   Go now

Free Hatching Egg & Incubation Guide

Our first free e-book was so popular we decided to offer one on hatching eggs and incubation. Thinking of trying to hatch your own flock? Start with this e-book!   Go now

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