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Q: At what age does a rooster begin crowing?


The age a rooster will first crow varies, but generally speaking, he will begin crowing at about four or five months of age. We have seen roosters not begin until eight or nine months, or start as early as two!

If you have a crowing bird that is younger than three months old, don't be in a hurry to find a home for "him," however. Hens can crow, too, so you will want to wait until your bird is three months old to be sure. We hear from people every year who have given away their "roosters," only to later find out that "he" turned out to be a great layer!(Read about how to tell if your juvenile bird is a rooster in our related questions below.)

Also, if you DO have a rooster, and crowing is going to be an issue for you or your neighbors, all is not lost! The No-Crow Rooster Collar is a safe and effective way to reduce both the frequency and the volume of your rooster's crows! You may just be able to keep your rooster, after all.