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Q: I already placed my order for baby chicks. Can I change it?


Yes, in most cases you can**--call us at 888-460-1529 to request an order change--but read on because it can be tricky and there are some important things you should know before placing your request! You will also remember from checkout that there is a $5 nonrefundable fee to make any changes to an order after it has been placed.

To change your order, first you must give us at least a full two weeks’ notice. This means you must phone us--at the very latest--on the Friday prior to the last two weeks of your wait. If you have requested your chicks to be delivered less than two weeks from the date you placed your order, then your order cannot be changed. The reason we require two weeks' notice is that with less than two weeks to take care of your changes, we may not be able to get the shipments stopped in time, and we do NOT want to send baby chicks out to Post Offices where they will never be picked up. We also do NOT want to send you an “original” order if you are expecting a “revised” order with new or different breeds. There are no exceptions to this two-week notice rule; we love our babies too much.

Second, changing the chicks on your order (or their sexes, colors, etc.) will often delay your ship date, because the birds you want may not all be available on your original date. If you don't want your date to change (or if you have dates on which you can't receive your birds for any reason), be sure to let us know when you make the request. When that is the case, sometimes a change cannot be made if the birds are not available on a date you are willing to accept, so be sure to tell us BEFORE you make the change if you have any date restrictions. The less notice we have about your requested change, the more likely your change is to cause a long delay in the shipment of baby chicks to you. Remember that there is the nonrefundable $5 fee due to the time and effort involved in changing the shipping schedule to make sure all our baby chicks have homes to go to come hatch day.

Third--and we can't stress this enough!--please don't change your order if you can help it! Do think carefully before you make your original reservation. Remember, these are live baby animals. If you change your ship date, for example, we can't put your original babies on a shelf or in a dusty bin, and then ship them out to you on another date as if they were flatware. They are living creatures--if you have decided not to adopt the ones you reserved, we must rehome the ones hatching on your original date and make an entirely different reservation for you. If you change your breeds or sexes, the same thing applies: we must rehome your original chicks. This isn't like purchasing books. The chicks must ship on the same day they hatch; there is no flexibility with that. That is why there is a $5 nonrefundable fee for every change you make, whether you are changing breeds, sexes, colors, sizes, vaccination status, numbers of chicks or your ship date. Once your change has been completed successfully, you will be charged the nonrefundable fee. You are not charged if the change cannot be completed... for example, if you requested to add chicks to your order that were not available on your ship date. If you decide to make another change, there will be an additional $5 nonrefundable fee, so if your circumstances change and you must make a change to your order after all, be sure to make all the changes you need at one time, to avoid multiple fees.

Last, if you do decide to change your order, you must phone us at 888-460-1529 during business hours to make your request, as we will have to take your payment information again by phone. We cannot process a change request by email, since email is not a secure the way to share your payment information the way online ordering is, and we don't keep your payment information on file.

** Orders shipping to Hawaii cannot be changed, since the paperwork required by that state must be registered in advance, so please be sure to place your order exactly as you would like to receive it when you are having chicks shipped to Hawaii.

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