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Rhode Island Reds are held in such high esteem that they're the official Rhode Island state bird. They were once hugely popular in America, though they declined right along with the small farmer. Today they're making a comeback due to small flock owners (like us!). They're the do-everything bird: they lay exceptionally well, they're valued for their meat, they're extremely cold hardy, and hardy in general.

Here's what our friends from Facebook are saying about Rhode Island Reds:

"They are a smart chicken and not flighty at all. Very friendly bird. I love them."
~Sue Knerl

"I didn't realize they were so smart till I got other breeds. If you free range or pasture your birds they are the best. They know how to run to protection."
~Lela Smith Erthein

"I had the most beautiful Rhode Island Red bantam for five years before she passed away. They make a flock lively with their sweet trills and bright eyes. As well as being all-American, they're also extremely smart and the eggs are delicious!"
~Zainab Shakir

"My RIR is a souless void who hates being handled. But she's the dominant bird in our backyard flock, reliably lays huge eggs at 4 years of age, and is gorgeous and healthy."
~Jenn Adrien

"Our RIR, 'Lucy' is our best layer (consistently lays 6 eggs a week and sometimes 7) I think being backyard chickens are all the rage people should know what terrific pets RIR can be. She's also our friendliest hen. Ours is so friendly, she lets us hold her and carry her around, gets along great with our cats and has no problem letting even a child she's never met hold her because she's very friendly and trusting. (my son has even taken her to show and tell at school and she loved the kids and vice versa) Her favorite treat is watermelon and it's comical to see the excitement in all six pounds of her jump and fly up to try and get the first taste before the other girls:) Her eggs are delicious large brown eggs with great yolks that stand up in the pan and whites that make an incredible meringue. All around great bird!"
~Kim Beall Kortenbach

"I love my RIRs! They're funny, spoiled, bossy and demanding!"
~Karen Stir

"Very friendly and 'talkative'--whenever we are outside they follow us around (even follow our dogs) telling us stories! Our first year with them and absolutely love them... plus they are EXCELLENT layers!! Can't think of any negatives about these birds!!"
~Kay Doyon

"My RIR, Scarlet is a great layer but boy what an attitude. She waits till I turn my back then attacks me. My other RiR, Penny is a sweetie!"
~Claire Barouh

"Great layers, and we have 2 older hens that are great mothers. One of my favorite breeds. Never had any aggression problems. Shocked me to hear it from others."
~Shaun Williamson

"I love my RIRs Hellen & Henrietta. They give the biggest brown eggs (they don't fit in the cartons). They are friendly and don't mind being handled (Henrietta is Boss in the flock)."
~Tracey L Powell

"I have four and they are very inquisitive and also at times big headed. They like to think they can boss my dogs and cats around. :)"
~Alejandra Black

"I <3 RIR's !! Hardy and dedicated egg layers. As I was new into having hens, it was the bird of choice for me and have no regrets. Love them!"
~June Gibbs

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