How sad that one of the coolest breeds of chicken isn't recognized by the American Poultry Association! We had to include it on our website anyway. Marans are "chocolate eggers" meaning their eggs are a deep chocolate brown color. Eggs of the Black Copper variety--and to a lesser extent, the Silver Cuckoo--are usually the darkest of all, and are highly sought after! If you value a colorful egg basket, Marans are a "must" for your flock! Silver Cuckoo is the most available Marans plumage in North America; they can be purchased at most of the major hatcheries. We are privileged to be able to offer hatching, fertile eggs of some extremely rare Marans varieties in limited numbers, including even Black Coppers!

Cuckoo Marans Hen


Class: Not recognized
Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
Size: Heavy (7-8 lbs)
Rarity: Rare
Purpose: Egg-laying
Recognized Varieties: Black Copper, Silver Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, White, Wheaten, Birchen, Blue, Others

Egg Facts:

Egg Laying: Good (3/wk)
Egg Color: Chocolate
Egg Size: Large

Fancy Features:

Comb Type: Single Comb
Crested: No
Feathered Legs: No
Number of Toes: 4

Suitability to Backyard Life:

Hardy In Winter: Yes
Bears Confinement: Bears confinement well
Especially Docile: No
Setter/Broody: Yes
Personality: Varies

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