Black Copper Marans


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We're beyond excited to be able to offer you this breed. They lay the darkest egg we could find: a deep, rich, chocolate brown. For those of you who favor colorful eggs, this breed is a must-have! Marans make wonderful pets, too - they are hardy, calm and quiet, and bear confinement well. They are said to be good foragers without being TOO destructive to your garden.

For those of you interested in showing, these birds come from Bev Davis and Wade Jeane lines.

Please note there is a 10-chick maximum on this breed.

Here's what our Facebook friends have been saying about Black Copper Marans:

"They lay the most beautiful chocolate eggs! So brown you'd swear there was caramel inside."
~Stacia Horvath

"One of my favorite breeds that we have added to our flock. They are so calm and don't create to much fuss even when establishing themselves/determining pecking order. They are beautiful and the true french BCM's (the feathered foot kind) are hard to get. They are a great breed for new chicken keepers and so much fun to watch because of their unique personalities! However , I have found that they are not prolific layers, though when they do lay it is well worth the wait. Their eggs are beautiful if your birds are from the right parents. I would love to bring some to the local fair this year, I feel the eggs would he sure winners!"
~Christina Kirkwood

"I'd say if they had voices they'd speak with a proper upper crust English accent. Very serious chickens."
~Kimberly Veilleux

"They are fast-growing chicks that start to show the 'copper' coloring beneath the black feathers as their adult plumage comes in."
~ Lisa Meaux

"Alert, consistent layers but do go broody. Very attentive mothers, they are very careful with their new chicks."
~Barb Lathrop

"One of the best roosters that I have... He really takes care of his ladies. Not only are they beautiful to look at but also to listen to."
~Rachele Horvath Hamilton

"Our black cooper Maran hen 'Maria' has a wonderful personality; she loves to be petted and hand fed. She certainly leads the other hens around during free range time. Her eggs are dark brown, she has been living with us for a year in a larger flock and was broody. We have a flock of 5 and occasionally we find her sitting on a egg, but is easily distracted by treats. We love our Maria!"
~Amy Kollman

"One of the most broody hens I have but also a lot of personality. And hard to find! I love the color they add to the egg basket."
~Jenelle Kemper

"My rooster crows like crazy and started very early (5 weeks old) and I agree with R. H. Hamilton. He takes care of the girls! Just had a hatch of chicks with 16 out of 18 eggs viable."
~Paul Suriano

"They are very mellow. Their personalities are docile and great for people who are new to chickens and they add a spark to the egg basket with their uniquely colored eggs. (They are my favorite!)"
~Sara Sweatman

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Hatch dates between Dec 1, 2014 and Mar 30, 2015 have a 15-chick minimum, and will be shipped Express Mail.
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