Blue Ameraucana

Some blue babies are Splash, like this one
Blue Ameraucana close-up
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For the safety of the chicks shipped between Feb 16, 2016 and Mar 30, 2016, orders must have a minimum of 15 chicks, and will be shipped Express Mail.
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Yes! We are finally offering true Ameraucanas as baby chicks! These are not "Easter Eggers," nor are they the "Araucanas" some other hatcheries sell (which are really Easter Eggers, too). These are the true-blue, APA-recognized breed. Ameraucanas have a sweet temperament and lay pretty, light blue to greenish blue eggs. Quantities are very limited, so reserve your order quickly!

The color blue does not hatch "true" in chickens. Blue is a diluting gene for black. So, 50% of our Blue Ameraucanas will hatch blue, and 25% will be black. The last 25% will be "splash," having received two diluting genes. Splash is a very light color, pale blue or white with "splashes" of black and darker blue in the feathers, especially in the wings and tail. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN YOU ORDER! Not all of your blues will actually be blue!

Product Features:

* We can ship as few as three baby chicks! Our minimums are based on your zip code, and how long the USPS tells us it will take for your order to arrive at your post office. The longer they tell us it will take, the higher your minimum. Find out your minimum chick order

* Any order of 15+ chicks ships via USPS Priority Mail service, and 3-14 chicks ship via USPS Express Mail.
Why we use the USPS

* We offer Marek's vaccinations on all standard (large fowl) chicks, and you'll have the opportunity to select that during the checkout process.

* Baby chicks have special needs including heat of about 95* the first week of life! Read more, here

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