Calendula Comb, Wattle (& Hand!) Salve

Calendula Comb & Wattle Salve
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Winter is coming... Help protect your chickens from the cold! Rub this calendula & lavender salve to help prevent and treat a frostbitten wattle or comb during the bitter cold temperatures. This salve may also rubbed into feather loss areas and any minor skin irritation. It's made by our friends at Shepherds Talk with totally natural ingredients, including herbs grown in their own garden!

Another idea: get two, and keep one for you — the flock boss — on your own hands, lips, or minor skin irritations! All the ingredients are totally natural and safe for use on your skin and pets alike. Try out the Lip Balm version of this salve! It has the same ingredients you know and love from the salve but with added jojoba oil to sooth your lips.

Ingredients: Calendula, lavender and comfrey infused oils of coconut and jojoba, beeswax, vitamin E; Topped with a pinch of dried calendula and dried lavender.

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Large - approx 1½ oz
Small - approx ½ oz