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Chicken Coops for sale from 2-100 chickens. You can trust us with your chicken coop purchase: we've been in business for 15 years and stand by our products!

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Had enough learning about chickens already?Here you'll find pictures, freebies, recipes and more. Here you'll find everything you need to know about raising chickens in your backyard: why they're the best pet on earth; how to care for them; which chicken breeds are best for you; where to get them and more.

The My Pet Chicken Guide to Chicken Care (free!)

Want to know how to raise backyard chickens? We wrote this free e-book to give you an overview and to help you decide whether keeping chickens in your backyard is right for you. This quick and easy ready provides the all basic "how to" information you'll need. Go now

The "Pick a Chicken" Breed Recommendor Tool

Don't know which chicken breed is right for your backyard? Our unique, fast and free "Which Chicken" tool can help you decide. Just answer 6 simple questions and you'll get a custom breed recommendation in seconds! No strings attached. Go now

Chicken Breed List

Looking for more information on the wonderful world of chickens? This list includes all of the chicken breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). You can click on any breed name for full information. Go now

Day-Old Baby Chick Identification Photos

Have a new batch of baby chicks and want to figure out who's who? Here are photos of all of our baby chick breeds listed alphabetically. Go now

"The Clubhouse" Coop w/Run (up to 4 chickens)

Don't you just love how other sellers photoshop chickens into their coop pictures or use stuffed animals? Here at My Pet Chicken, we don't just photograph our coops with our actual chickens, but we also keep every model in our own yards to run them through their paces.