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Super Blue Egg Layer pullet
Blue Favaucana Hen
Barred Blue Egg Layer hen
Carolina Blue Sex Link hen
Super Blue Egg Layer chick
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You spoke and we listened!We are happy to introduce exciting new "designer" breeds you won't find anywhere else! Our genetic experts have been scheming and planning to create the most beautiful birds with the most exciting traits possible.We’ve worked hard to make sure these crosses are beautiful, productive, friendly, and hardy.These breeds will make a great addition to any flock--or an amazing, unique flock all their own!

  • Beautiful blue and lavender birds? Check.
  • Blue, green, olive, and chocolate eggs? Check.
  • Hens which lay early and often?Check.
  • Hens with great temperaments and make great pets, yard eye-candy, and conversation pieces? Check.
  • A flock that will make you the talk of the town? Double-Check!

This amazing assortment can include any selection of the following:

  • Ameri-Flowers - Most of these chicks will hatch crested, and grow into large, friendly birds that will lay green eggs.All of the flash of a Blommehonne, with production-like laying!
  • Barred Blue Egg Layer -These are black barred hens with big combs--and often a crest! They lay very large, blue eggs about 5 or 6 times per week.
  • Barred Favacauna - We love our Favacaunas! These hardy chicks will make you fall in love all over again.They will be Blue/Black/Splash barred chicks that lay a nice green egg.
  • Blue Favacauna - Favacaunas! Blue ones!
  • Carolina Blue Sex Link EEs - These chicks are an interesting brood. The chicks are fat with big puffy cheeks and you can sex them as soon as they hatch. The males have a white dot on their head and the females are solid blue. The chickens range from very light to very dark blue in color and the hens lay large olive-colored eggs.
  • Green Magnolias - Auto-sexing green egg layers! Females will be darker at hatch, with no dot on their head.Males will be slightly lighter with big dots on the top of their heads.
  • Lavender Olive Egger - These chicks will be 75% lavender, 25% black, and lay large olive eggs.
  • Southern Blue Belles - These blue hens will lay large blue eggs, showing off the South in spectacular fashion. These chicks are sex-linked. Females will hatch blue, males will be lighter with a dot on their head.
  • Super Blue Egg Layer - These start out as yellow chicks and they grow into white hens with black flecks. They typically start laying at the early age of 24 weeks. These hens lay HUGE blue eggs, five to six times per week.
  • Super Chocloate Egg Layer - This is a custom cross where we have combined the best of production breeds with dark chocolate layers.The chicks that hatch from these unsuspecting eggs will lay HUGE eggs very early and the eggs will be darker than average.If you breed these chicks to each other, each successive generation will lay darker eggs.
  • Super Green Egg Layer - These chicks will lay green eggs at a production hen rate!
  • And more, coming soon!

Important Shipping Note:We always request that these eggs be held at the post office for pick up to help increase viability.Many times, the "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" information is not seen and eggs are delivered to the physical shipping address on the label.If it is imperative to you that the eggs not be delivered to the shipping address on the order, please put the correct address of your post office of choice as the shipping address, attn:'your name'.If the order is done this way, please include a valid phone number so the post office can reach you when the box arrives.Supplies should be ordered separately if your order is addressed like this.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take breed requests for this assortment. We are –literally- in the business of counting our eggs before they are laid. As a result the available breeds will be entirely dependent on the hens’ cooperation.

Hatching Egg Product Features:

Will my eggs arrive intact?

My Pet Chicken absolutely guarantees that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, we will refund, or reship them in the case of 50% or more of the eggs being damaged. Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving damaged eggs to report the issue, and provide photos of the damage, if possible.

Do you guarantee all my eggs hatch?

Our eggs are gathered daily, shipped no more than 3 days after they are laid, and stored properly to ensure freshness and improve viability. Even so, most people are happy to get a 50 percent hatch rate on shipped eggs. Firstly, even if the eggs are intact on the outside, handling by the post office can damage them enough that they do not hatch. The internal arrangements of a chicken egg are relatively delicate and can be disturbed even if the outside is completely intact.

Secondly, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate because we have no control over the incubation conditions with which you try to hatch them. Eggs will not develop into chicks unless exacting conditions of temperature and humidity are met--and even a one degree difference in temperature can cause them not to hatch or can cause the chicks that do hatch to be weak! If your thermometer is inaccurate, if the power goes off in your home during incubation, if your incubator is dirty: all these issues are simply beyond our control.

Hatching egg results will vary even if you are experienced, so while our eggs are guaranteed to arrive intact and beautiful, we cannot guarantee your results.

How do the shipping charges work?
Hatching egg shipping is calculated in one of two ways, depending on the breeder: Either they're shipped in pre-paid "packs," where shipping is marked as free and is built into the cost of the product--OR it's based on the number of eggs you're purchasing. Eggs are always shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

If the eggs you're looking at aren't marked "ships free," this means shipping will be charged. Current rates are as follows:

1-12 eggs: $24.95
13-39 eggs: $29.95
40-51 eggs: $54.40
52-78 eggs: $59.40
79-91 eggs: $83.85
92-117 eggs: $88.85

As you can see, the more eggs you buy, the better value you get from shipping--and it costs you no more in terms of shipping to jump from three to twelve eggs, or from eighteen to three dozen! Unfortunately, we cannot ship fertile hatching eggs to Hawaii, due to the importing regulations in that state.

Can I choose which day my eggs will arrive?

When you place your order, you will be able to choose your preferred week of shipment. Your order may ship anytime that week, Monday through Saturday, depending on the hens' cooperation. Should there be an issue with your order, we will attempt to contact you.

Some of our flocks are kept at different facilities, so if you are ordering multiple breeds or assortments, your eggs may not all arrive at once. We will do our best to coordinate, but we cannot guarantee they will all arrive on the same day. If you are uncomfortable with staggered hatches, you may want to place your orders separately or contact us for further instructions. We are happy to help!

We are unable to ship hatching eggs to Hawaii due to importing regulations in those states.

Will the post office deliver the eggs to my door?

Shipping labels on our hatching egg boxes indicate that the post office should "CALL ON ARRIVAL." This reduces the handling and extremes of temperature the eggs experience en route to you, and can ultimately increase the viability of your eggs. However, very oftenthis information is not seen by the carrier, and eggs are delivered to the physical shipping address on the label anyway.

If it is imperative to you that the eggs not be delivered directly to your shipping address, you can change the ship-to address on your order to be the address of your post office of choice, attn:'your name'. If you choose to do this, make sure to include a valid phone number so the post office can reach you when the box arrives. (And please, don't order anything but hatching eggs with this ship-to address.) If it is imperative to you that the eggs not be delivered directly to your shipping address you may be able to ship General Delivery.Please note that not all post offices will accept packages shipped by General Delivery. We recommend that you contact your post office in advance of placing your order to confirm their acceptance of these packages and to verify the proper address for delivery. If you choose to do this, make sure to include a valid phone number so the post office can reach you when the box arrives. (And please, don't order anything but hatching eggs with this ship-to address.)

If I order an assortment, how will I know which breeds I'll receive?

Each egg you receive will have a breed code written on it, and within the package there will be a breed code list, so you can easily identify which breed is which.

Other FAQs

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