Live Birds

My Pet Chicken offers a wide selection of baby chicks, ducks, geese, fertile hatching eggs and pullets. Our live poultry is guaranteed to arrive 100% healthy, and our Hatching Eggs have an industry-leading Hatch Rate Guarantee.

Baby Chicks

Shop our wide selection of sexed day-old baby chicks! Our chicks are guaranteed to arrive 100% healthy. Shipping minimum is just 3 chicks.

Fertile Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs at home is not only fun, but rewarding! Shop our selection of hatching eggs, and know we've got you covered with our industry leading Hatch Rate Guarantee!

Baby Ducks

My Pet Chicken offers over 20 duck breeds for sale, all guaranteed to arrive 100% healthy. The minimum order is just 2.

Baby Geese

We offer over 15 different breeds of baby geese for sale. Goslings are easy to raise and can be valuable guardians for your backyard poultry flock. Minimum is just 2.


We release started 6-8 week old pullets a few times a year. These female birds are ready to join your flock in the coop! The minimum order is just 2 chicks.