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    7 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs

Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder

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This plastic hanging feeder is made of highly durable, easy-to-clean plastic. The special, slatted design of the base is time-proven to help prevent birds from scratching out feed, and the open top is designed for quick, efficient filling.

Choose a capacity of 7 pounds, 10 pounds, or 25 pounds. The size refers to the approximate weight of your typical chicken feed each feeder can hold.
When selecting the size, there are three important considerations:
  1. Physical dimensions. Make sure the feeder you select will work with your chicken setup -- you obviously don't want to choose something that won't fit through your coop door, for instance! Complete dimensions are listed below.
  2. How often you'll need to refill. On average, each chicken consumes one quarter pound of feed per day (more or less, depending on a variety of factors), so if you have a flock of twenty-five chickens and you plan on having just one 7 pound feeder, you'll need to refill it every day, whereas you'd only have to refill the 25 pound feeder for a flock that large every three to four days.
  3. Adequate access for all birds. Again, if you have a large flock but only one, small feeder, there's a possibility that the chickens lowest on the pecking order wouldn't be able to eat enough. She could literally be bullied into starvation. Also consider the size of your flock. If you're planning to have a mixed flock of both bantams and large fowl (standard) birds, it could be helpful to have multiple feeders hung at different heights, so the smaller bantams can feed from the lower-hanging feeder.
7 lb feeder: 11" wide x 10" high
10 lb feeder: 11.75" wide x 13.5" high
25 lb feeder: 16" wide x 18" high