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Q: Can I give my chickens wild birdseed mix?


Bird seed mixes are usually too high in fat, too low in vitamins (especially when the mixes are high in millet and cracked corn) to meet the long term nutritional needs of a laying flock. They're also way too low in calcium. Remember, modern domestic chickens lay lots of eggs year round, while wild birds may lay only a few eggs a year, seasonally. So seed mixes designed for wild birds just won't make a good, well balanced diet for your flock.

Can I give my chickens wild birdseed mix?

Still, as an occasional treat, your chickens will love it! And many seeds are high in SOME vitamins and amino acids that your birds do need. Even better, research shows that a diet that contains whole grains and seeds is associated with chickens being able to better stave off salmonella infections. So feel free to offer them wild birdseed. In moderation, as a treat, it can even be quite healthy!