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Are you a member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)?

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Yes! Our hatching facilities and all other breeders with whom we contract are NPIP-certified. If you would like NPIP papers to be included with your baby chick order so that you can show your birds, just let us know -- we'll be happy to do it! They arrive by email a few days after your birds arrive. Remember that NPIP papers are only available for 6 months after you have received your birds, so be sure to ask for them in time!

Most states in the US require baby chicks and juvenile birds that ship across state lines to originate from hatcheries like ours, hatcheries that participate in the NPIP. This is so that the birds have come from flocks whose health is monitored. If you are interested to see what your state requires, you can find links to your state's regulations on the USDA's APHIS website.

You may also want to watch this YouTube video to see additional tips and advice about biosecurity: