About Ordering

Can I mix and match or do I have to buy all the same breed?

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There is no minimum number of chicks per breed or size. Although your total order must meet the minimum number for the time of year that your order is shipped. So you can mix and match to your heart's content: really cherry pick your flock!

Minimum Baby Chick Order

April - November: 3 Baby Chicks

December - March: 8 Baby Chicks

The neat thing about having a mixed flock is that it's easy to tell them all apart. It can take longer to schedule a delivery when you have lots of different breeds, however, because they must ALL be available at once.

For safety in shipping, we do not split the chicks up and ship them different weeks as the breeds become available, so they must all be ready on the same day. It's also much easier on your purse that way, since you will save on shipping costs!