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Can I order chickens from an out-of-state hatchery like yours?

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My Pet Chicken's breeders and hatcheries handle all the state-level permits required to get the chicks safe and sound to you. So when you order from My Pet Chicken, there is usually nothing you will need to do with regard to state permits. Most states in the US require baby chicks and juvenile birds that ship across state lines to originate from clean hatcheries like ours, hatcheries that participate in NPIP (the National Poultry Improvement Plan). This is so that the birds will have been imported from flocks whose health is monitored. That's why My Pet Chicken's hatchery handles this stuff for you.

If you're interested to see what your state requires, you can find links to your state's regulations on the USDA's APHIS website or on your own state's Department of Agriculture website. Free to have a look to make sure there's nothing further you'll need to do with regard to your state.

Do also keep in mind that there could be municipal, county or HOA permits or applications you need to comply with in order to legally keep chickens in your neighborhood. That compliance is left to you. That means that just because it's legal for our hatcheries to SHIP chickens to you, it doesn't follow that it's legal to keep pet chickens in your town. Additionally, shipping chickens internationally is a whole different ball game that will depend on where you're shipping them from and any export/import regulations associated with making sure you're getting healthy, disease-free stock. We don't ship eggs or chickens internationally.