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How can I track my waterfowl shipment? Do you provide a tracking number?

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No worries! We do our best to make sure that you're "in the loop" throughout the process.

Waterfowl are hatched and shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. As soon as we have the tracking number for your order, we will email it to you so that you can follow your birds' progress. It's important to know that the USPS does not guarantee overnight shipping on live animals, no matter what your local post office agent may say. Bear in mind that sometimes the shipments are not scanned frequently during shipping, so it may seem like they aren't making progress to your location. Rest assured, they are still on the way, but the USPS may have missed a scan or two along the way.

The phone number you gave us will be on the shipping label, and your local post office should call you to come and pick them up when they arrive. It is best for you to pick them up rather than the USPS attempting to home-deliver the birds, as the sooner the birds drink water, the better. Also, home delivery can be rough on young birds, with all the stopping and starting, bumps, and temperature changes. Because of that, we mark our shipments "HOLD FOR PICKUP," instructing your local post office not to attempt home delivery. Before your shipping week, we recommend that you contact your local post office to learn their exact procedures and usual arrival times and tell them you are expecting a shipment. If the post office calls you to pick them up and you are in a major city, make sure you ask which post office is calling so you know where to go.Due to their perishable nature, the Post Office reserves the right to rehome live poultry left at the Post Office overnight and no refund or reshipment will be available to you.

Your local post office should call you when the birds arrive.

If you have not heard from your local post office by the second day after your babies have shipped, it is a good idea to contact them as they may have simply forgotten to phone you. If you do not know their phone number, you can find out by calling the USPS at 1-800-275-8777. The operator will patch you through to your local post office (make sure you ask for their phone number for future reference!).