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How can so few chicks arrive at their location safely?

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My Pet Chicken can safely ship chicks to your location.

Most hatcheries require 15 or 25 baby chicks per order because the chicks need one another's body heat to survive their 2-day journey. This is a big pain for lots of people who just want a few chickens! Since our goal in life (yes, our goal in life!) is to make your life easy, we've partnered with a forward-thinking hatchery that has developed a brand new way of shipping baby chicks that includes a high-tech, long- last heating element. This keeps the chicks nice and warm for their journey! And when you order fewer than 15 chicks we automatically send them via USPS Priority Mail, which is the fastest way under the sun to ship baby chicks.

Keep in mind that in the winter, our minimums are larger: 8, depending on the chicks you order and your location. During the winter, even these larger orders are shipped via USPS Express Mail. In 2015, we added an additional, insulating liner in the bottom of all the boxes during the winter to really help keep everyone safe and cozy.