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I already placed my order for baby waterfowl. Can I change it?

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You can easily change your waterfowl order at My Pet Chicken!
Yes, in most cases you can call us at 908-795-1007 to have your order changed, but before you do, read on because there are three important things you should keep in mind before placing your request! You will also remember from checkout that you may be charged a $5 nonrefundable fee to make any changes to an order after it has been placed.
  1. Let us know by the Thursday before your scheduled ship date

    We require this notice because we need time to make sure the shipment can been changed or stopped. Obviously, we don't want to send baby ducks or geese out to post offices where they will never be picked up, or to send you your original order if you are expecting a revised order with new or different breeds. There are no exceptions to requiring this notice.
  2. A change may delay your ship date

    Even with enough notice, changing your order may delay your ship date, because any new birds you want may not all be available on your original ship date.
  3. Have your credit card ready in case of additional fees

    Depending on what type of change you are making, there may be additional fees involved. When you phone us to make your request, please have your credit card ready in case we have to take your payment information. (For security purposes, we do not store our clients' credit card numbers, as some other websites do.)
  4. Order changes need to be made by phone

    Please do call us at 908-795-1007 with your order change request. You can also get in contact with us other ways, but please bear in mind that we will have to call you back to finalize your change. (And please don't send us your credit card number by email or fax! It's not secure, ever -- whether dealing with us or other companies.)