About Ordering

I don't know how to order anything online. Can't I just email my order to you?

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We can't accept email orders for various reasons, the most important being that email is not a safe way for you to share your payment information. Email is not secure the way online ordering is. In addition, availability changes so quickly that by the time we receive payment to confirm your reservation, availability dates will have changed as other customers place their orders directly online. When that happens, it means we can't make the reservation for you that you wanted. Regular mail takes even longer. We can't accept orders by mail, either.

The online ordering system is easy to use. However, if you're confused about any aspect of it, or if you're experiencing some other problem with the system, you can simply give us a call> and someone can key your order in for you. In other words, a customer service representative will read all the required ordering information aloud to you; then you can just speak your contact and payment information over the phone. Our representative will type it in and submit it over the Internet for you.

Phone orders can be a little more inconvenient for you since you have to call during business hours, and then you have to wait until someone is free to help you... but if online ordering confuses or worries you, having someone help you by phone is the way to do it.