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What is the minimum order for ducklings and goslings?

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Since shipping little ones can be so expensive, our minimum order for waterfowl is usually 10. However, if you are ok higher shipping costs, we can ship as few as two ducklings or goslings (or one of each--we can ship ducklings and goslings together!) any time of year. Depending on anticipated shipping conditions, we may add a heat pack or extra bedding, or modify ventilation. It is our goal that all our baby birds arrive happy and healthy!

Please note that we are unable to ship waterfowl and baby chicks together.

There is no minimum amount per waterfowl breed; you can mix ducklings and goslings in your order any way you want, as long as they can all ship on the same date. Our website will automatically calculate the dates that the breeds you select can ship together, and you can choose which date you prefer when you checkout.

Something else to consider: Since ducks and geese are social flock animals, it is not recommended that you keep just one (unless you are prepared to give it a LOT of consistent attention). A solitary waterfowl will feel lonely and vulnerable. We recommend you keep at least two, but three or more may be even better for the psychological health of your birds.