Why don't you ship waterfowl to Hawaii?

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Unfortunately, ducklings cannot be sent to Hawaii because the state government is afraid that domestic ducks will cross with Hawaii's native Koloa ducks. At this time, there is evidence that the Koloa has crossed with imported or migratory Mallard ducks, but there is no evidence that any domestic ducks have crossed with the Koloa. But as domestic ducks all originate from the Mallard duck, the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife has banned the importation of all ducks or duck eggs without a special research permit.

Interestingly, however, ducks are important to Hawaii, as they are the best method of controlling non-native Apple Snails in the native taro farms. To learn more about that, you can download the complete Strategic Statewide Apple Snail Control Plan for Hawaii.

We cannot ship goslings to Hawaii because a permit is required before they enter into Hawaii and the birds must be inspected in Honolulu upon arrival. There is good reason for this: the Hawaiian government wants to prevent the entry of West Nile virus and other diseases into their beautiful state.

For information from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, phone their Quarantine Branch at 808-832-0566.