Top Five Summer Treats for Chickens

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Top Five Summer Treats for Chickens

During the season's heat, summer treats for chickens can provide mental stimulation, nutrition, and a cooling break. A cooling break? Yes! A fun trick for your chicken's summer snacking is to chill or freeze what you provide. Just like humans, chickens will appreciate a summertime cold snack.

Check out these top five frozen treats for chickens that can be the ticket for comfort and fun!

Top 5 Summer Treats for Chickens

1. Treats for Chickens - Watermelon

Who doesn't love a good watermelon in the summer? Chickens are no exception which is why it's considered one of the top summer treats for chickens! First, chill a watermelon, cut it in half and give it to your birds. You don't need to buy the seedless melon since your birds aren't picky and will appreciate the seeds too. If you hit a watermelon sale and have too much to use all at once, don't worry! You can scoop the watermelon using an ice cream scooper and freeze the individual scoops. Pull them out on a hot day, and your chickens will love you. Besides the cooling effects of these chilled treats for chickens, watermelon also gives your birds extra hydration during the heat.

Chickens enjoy eating a frozen watermelon.
Chickens love a frozen watermelon slice in the hot summer.

2. Treats for Chickens - Frozen Berry Treats for Chickens

Although berries with all their yummy goodness don't stick around long, be sure to hold a few back and chill or freeze them as treats for your chickens. Blueberries and raspberries aren't packed with calories but with nutrients that can benefit your birds. An easy homemade treat for chickens, freeze the berries with water into ice cubes and then let your flock pick the ice cubes as they melt to reveal yummy bites.

Treats for chickens. Raspberries and blueberries frozen into ice cubes.
Frozen berries are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for your flock.

3. Treats for Chickens - Frozen Garden Greens

This time of year, gardens are at their fullest, so share that bounty with your chickens. Leafy greens like lettuce, carrot and beet tops, kale and broccoli leaves freeze quickly and provide your birds with xanthophyll, a naturally occurring plant pigment that helps keep your chicken's egg yolks nice and orange.

4. Treats for Chickens - Frozen Garden Veggies

Cucumber, summer squash, and zucchini are abundant this time, and chickens love these veggies. You can serve them whole and let the chickens peck to their heart's content. Or chop them up and freeze the bits with water into ice cubes. Let your flock pick the ice cubes to reveal yummy bites as they melt.

5. Treats for Chickens - Corn on the Cob

This is a human and chicken favorite! There's nothing better than fresh corn on the Cob! If you've got access to lots of corn, feel free to pick it right out of the field, shuck it and give it to your birds. They'll quickly get busy cleaning every morsel off the Cob. If you have a grill out, give your birds the leftover cobs from dinner; it's guaranteed they'll find the bits you missed!

An Olive Egger and Svart Hona hen eye a piece of frozen corn on the cob. A perfect summer treat for chickens
Frozen Corn on the Cob makes a perfect summer treat for your flock!

Pro Tips:

While chilled and frozen treats for chickens can provide a welcome respite from the heat, be careful with giving too much all at once. This can cause shock to the system and be harmful to your birds.

Feed treats in the morning and late afternoon/early evening and try not to disturb your chickens during the hottest part of the day. During that time, you'll probably find them sticking to the coolest parts of your yard and trying not to be too active.

Remember, hot weather is harder on chickens than cold weather, so keep your feathered friends in mind as the mercury rises. Along with treats for chickens, keep them supplied with fresh, clean water throughout the day. If your chickens are free-ranging in the yard, be sure they have shady spots to rest and also have a nice dust bath. If your birds are confined, ensure all the windows to the coop are open, and there is ample shade to keep the coop from heating up.


I have a flock of 35 and they live eating Watermelon in the summer. We give them the melon rinds in a super shallow kiddy pool of water – I find that this helps them to cool down in the heat.
My Pet Chicken replied:
What a great idea! It sounds like you do an amazing job keeping your flock entertained and cool.


I bought solder flies dried for my girls but, as it turns out they’re not particularly crazy about them. They much prefer meal worms. I thought they would really like them but, they don’t.
My Pet Chicken replied:
Chickens can be very particular and sometimes take a while to come around to trying something new. You could try mixing the soldier fly larvae in with the mealworms and they will most likely try them given some time. You could even mix a little in with their feed so they know it is a food item.

leslie green gonzalez

Watermelon absolutely. Chilled in refrigerator, cut in a half and served as a “bowl” – chickens love the juice. Corn: not sure. Corn is “candy”, same as sugar for kids, no nutritional value, it is OK only once a while and very little. Berries, cherries, absolutelly but expensive. I have hung a mist spray between two trees, shaded cool place and chickens’ favorite place to weather-out the heat. Coops are “ovens”. 100 degrees or more. People need to place thermometer to see the temperature inside of their coop, then add at least 10 degreed for the heat released by chickens. Then chickens have pretty good coat of feathers. Your chickens are baking! Help them people.

Stan Blazynski

I have 30 chickens and their favorite treats are frozen/fresh corn on the cob and watermelon. I make sure all treats are well spread out to ensure the chickens that are a bit more shy are able to have some too.


What would be a large good treat for 20 chickens?


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