"The Bungalow" Chicken Coop (up to 6 chickens)

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Our chicken coops are just plain better!

Don't you just love how other sellers photoshop chickens into their coop pictures or use stuffed animals? Here at My Pet Chicken, we don't just photograph our coops with our actual chickens, but we also keep every model in our own yards to run them through their paces. Over the past twelve years, we've improved our designs, materials, and manufacturing to bring you chicken coops that are truly a step above the rest. With features like:

  • Free with every purchase: a wire mesh floor for the run to keep rodents and burrowing predators out. You won't find this feature anywhere else!
  • Better quality latches, and dual latches on every opening to keep predators out
  • Extra deep droppings trays that actually work, lined with galvanized metal
  • Windows are made with strong plexiglass
  • Designs specified down to the millimeter for maximum usability
  • Covered runs to keep the elements out that can be added onto and daisy-chained together for more space.

About the Bungalow Chicken Coop

This coop comfortably houses up to six standard chickens or eight or more bantams. (The Bungalow even makes a great duck house or rabbit hutch, because it is close to the ground and the roosting poles and nest box dividers are removable. And Silkies especially love the Bungalow because they tend to hate ladders!) Features:

  • Made of thick, kiln-dried wood.
  • Panels are secured with zinc-galvanized bolts, not flimsy screws.
  • Tongue and groove, wood-roof runs daisy-chain together. Combine up to four runs for a ton of extra space for your flock.
  • Attach up to four runs, which include wire mesh floors to keep rodents out!
  • Add on an additional nest box for even more space.
  • Ships free to your door.
See below for more details and pictures.


Shipment of this chicken coop is limited to the 48 contiguous states only (not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories).
This item is shipped via FedEx. A signature will be required and is unable to be waived.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for your coop to arrive. We will send your tracking number by email as soon as it's available, or you can look for it in the My Account area of our website.


Product Features:

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Henhouse Dimensions: 49" wide (including nest box) x 34.5" deep x 42" high at tallest point
  • Bird Capacity: 6
  • Nest Boxes: Three (11" deep x 13" high at highest point) x 10" wide; Option to have six with the additional nesting box
  • Total Roosting Space: 5' 3" (two 31.75" roosts)
  • Vents: Two slide-open vents open to 8.75" x 5", backed by 1/2" hardware cloth.
  • Front Door: Slide-open door opens to 10.5" wide by 14.5" tall, with access ramp.
  • Rear Door: Hinge-type door opens to 13.75" x 14.75" and has dual latches.
  • Pull-out Droppings Tray: 2 3/4" deep metal-lined pan spans the floor of the house.
  • Optional Run: Purchase up to four. Each is 44.1" long x 33" wide x 42" high at highest point.
  • Roof Construction: Tongue-and-groove, both on the coop and optional run.
  • Building Material: Kiln-dried chinese fir
  • Versatility Deluxe!

    Add On Runs
    The Bungalow is modular--meaning you can opt to use it in a standalone fashion, or you can add up to four, 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth-covered runs that attach to the front or back of the coop, and provide additional daytime living space. The wooden roof of the optional runs will allow your birds to get out and stretch their wings even in the snow and rain! Keep in mind this coop, like every coop we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure your flock has several hours per day outside. If you choose to add on a run (or two or three!), you can still access the interior coop doors easily.

    Optional Solar-Powered Automatic Door
    For those of you who want to free range your birds for part of the day, we have an Automatic Solar Door that's been designed just for the Bungalow Coop! It attaches to the side of the coop that has the swing-open door (versus the slide-open door). There are too many features to list here -- check it out for yourself!

    Add an Extra Nest Box!
    An extra nest box is a great idea if you want to fit the maximum number of chickens in your Bungalow Chicken Coop! If you have breeds that tend to broodiness (and hog their nest endlessly), or if you plan to allow a hen to hatch out some chicks in your Bungalow, the extra space will come in handy. Same if you're using this as a rabbit hutch! Bunnies will enjoy having the extra space to hop around in.

    Easy Livin'

    Your birds will have plenty of space to relax on two, rounded-edge roosts, and your job of keeping the coop clean will be made easier with the 2.5" deep metal-lined droppings pan that spans the floor of the house. Line it with soft wood shavings, like pine (available at your local farm supply store) and simply slide out the pan and compost their bedding & it makes for fertile garden soil once it's thoroughly "cooked".

    Fresh Air

    The coop is easily accessed by two doors on each end of the building, both with dual latches for extra security. The unique front and rear sliding vents provide for comfortable breezes during warm weather, and keeping the air fresh inside of the coop. These are covered in 1/2" x 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth to help prevent access by predators.

    Fresh, Delicious Eggs

    You won't be able to go back to store-bought eggs once you've tasted the fresh supply from your own flock! These will be easy to gather from the nest boxes by lifting the nest box lid and reaching inside to fill up your egg basket. This will also make your job easier when it comes time to clean the nest boxes and replace their bedding material within. The nest box door features three hinges and a two strong latches to help prevent access by critters who would feast on your eggs (and chickens)!

    Predator Protection

    Two latches on access points provide extra protection. Note the dual latches on the slide-out droppings tray, to keep raccoons from pulling it out and reaching in for your flock's feet. Half-inch galvanized hardware cloth lines the run and will help keep out most determined predators. Just close the doors from the coop to the run at dusk to prevent burrowing predators from gaining access. Or, secure your own hardware cloth to the bottom so you don't have to worry about closing the door at night!

    Protect Your Coop Purchase...

    ...With a yearly stain or seal. The natural wood material will break down over time. If you do not, you can realistically expect four to six years' use out of this coop. If you keep it in good shape by sealing it annually, you'll have it for many years to come!

    Enhancements and Modifications

    While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.

    Shipping Notes

    Shipping is included! Allow up to 2 weeks for arrival. The Bungalow comes in two separate boxes. Box 1 is 44" x 34" x 6" and weighs 43 pounds. Box two is 36" x 32" x 8" and weighs 38 pounds. The box for the optional run is 46" x 32" x 6" and weighs 36 pounds.

    Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. Also, we can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states but not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.

    Damages, Returns & Cancellations

    If your coop has been significantly damaged in shipment, please report the damages to us within 48 hours of arrival if at all possible. We ask that you send pictures of the damage so we can best determine the next steps to be taken. Please be aware that superficial scratches and dings may occur in the shipping process, and that we will replace or refund you for any broken, missing, or damaged pieces.

    If you cancel your order before the coop leaves our warehouse, we'll refund you all but a $5 cancellation fee.

    If you've changed your mind after your coop has shipped, you may return your new, unused, and unassembled coop with packaging intact in the original box, within 30 days of receipt. You will receive a full refund, minus your cost to send it back to us as well as a restocking fee of up to 20%. Just notify us and we'll provide return instructions. Once we have received and approved your items for resale, we'll promptly issue a refund.

    Assembly Notes

    All you need is a screwdriver! All the hardware is included, and most holes are pre-drilled. With two people, allow approximately a half hour; with just one, allow 45 minutes. The optional run should take only 10-15 minutes apiece. Do not forget to add a predator-proof latch to the front sliding door if you do not plan to attach the optional run. Coop Assembly, Run Assembly

    Once you construct the coop, we recommend you let it "air out" for a week before moving your chickens in. The non-toxic wood stain emits a strong odor that disappears over time.

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