"Pick a Chicken!" Breed Selector Tool

Not sure which breed is for you?Just answer these eight quick questions and voila! - our website will automatically give you a custom breed recommendation.Click on the breed name for full information including where you can buy them and pictures.(Not all breeds have pictures yet, but we're working on it!If you have pics, please share.)

1. Do you need a breed that's hardy in winter?
2. Do you need a breed that's especially heat-hardy birds?
3. Do you care if the breeds are rare/unusual?
4. Do you want birds that will rear chicks?
5. Do you want a colorful egg basket?

6. Do you require especially docile birds?
7. How important is the rate of egg laying?
8. Would you like a bantam (small) or large fowl (normal size) chicken?
Find My Chicken!