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  • Made in USA
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    Up to 12 Chicks

Baby Chick Brooder Panels, Set of 10

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This set includes ten, 20" high by x 24" wide, interlocking, double-walled cardboard panels, which form a "house" for your baby chicks!

At 20” high, these panels are a full 8” taller than the typical brooder roll you'll find in a baby chick starter kit, which means your chicks will be better protected from drafts and won’t be able to jump out until they’re much older! The double-walled design makes them extra sturdy. 

Use as few as four panels to start just a few chicks, or as many as ten to create 22 square feet of space--enough for up to eleven or twelve chickens, up to five weeks of age. Use just four or six panels when your babies are small; however many they need to be comfortable. You can easily add two panels at a time as they get bigger and require more space.

Designed by My Pet Chicken and made in the U.S.A.

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