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  • Capacity
    S - up to 15 chicks, M - up to 20 chicks, L - up to 60 chicks

Farmight Chick Brooder Heater Plate, Adjustable Height, 3 Size Options

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We love safer chick heaters like these, even though they're pricier than traditional heat lamps. Heat lamps cause fires! This baby chick brooder heater keeps the chicks warm, confident, and quiet in the darkness, mimicking being under a mother hen's wings. 


  • 3 size options available
  • Chicks are content and quiet under the heater.
  • Height-adjustable to accommodate chicks as they grow, from 1.5" for the smallest fowl to 6" for older/bigger birds.

  • Dimensions:

  • Small Heater: 10" x 10", warms up to 15 chicks.
  • Medium Heater: 12" x 16", warms up to 20 chicks.
  • Large Heater: 18" x 26", warms up to 60 chicks.
  • A 6-foot plug-in cord is included with each heater.

  • Watts per Hour Usage:

  • Small Heater: 15 watts
  • Medium Heater: 30 watts
  • Large Heater: 60 watts

  • Usage Tips:

    • Adjusting the height - Unlike a traditional heat lamp, this heater is not meant to heat an entire brooder but rather to heat chicks on contact. Position the heating plate to be just above their heads. As they grow or show you that the heat is too much for them (by positioning themselves around the edges instead of under the heat plate,) simply increase the height by pushing the corner buttons in and adjust each leg. 
    • Helps you raise large fowl and bantams together - This design is great for raising both large fowl and bantam birds together because you can set half the heating plate lower and the other half higher. The birds will self-select the best spot for them.  
    • Before your chicks come home - Plug in the plate 1 hour before placing chicks under it so that it has time to warm up. 
    • Use a nightlight - We recommend offering the chicks a nightlight when using the heater. If a chick wanders away from the heater during the night, the nightlight will allow them to see to get back under the heater

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