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From the informative to the silly to the strange, here are links to other sites we like:

About Chickens & Chicken Breeds

Oklahoma State University's Poultry resource Go now
Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart Go now
Wikipedia's Chicken Breed Listing Go now
University of Illinois history of various chicken breeds Go now
Feathersite's chicken breed list Go now
The Poultry Page's chicken breed information Go now
Chicken Keeping: a nice overview Go now
Backyard Chickens: a great resource for backyarders! Go now
Chicken Crossing: a new online community of chicken enthusiasts! Go now

Free chicken coop building plans

BuildEazy's 8-12 chicken house Go now

For Fun

Our friend Tommy delivering eggs on "Living With Ed" Go now
Subservient chicken Go now
Savage Chickens: hilarious chicken cartoons Go now
Flying Skunk's chicken cam Go now
The town of Chicken, Alaska Go now
San Diego's famous chicken Go now
A hen going broody on baby rabbits on YouTube Go now
Chickens taking a dust bath on YouTube Go now

Blogs & Hencams

Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs Go now
Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer Go now
The Urban Chicken Underground, dedicated to legalizing urban chickens Go now
Urban Chickens Network blog Go now
Happy Hens: A nice backyard chicken blog Go now
Index of varous Hencams (German) Go now Go now
Terry Golson's Hencam Go now

Education, Articles and Curiosities

Washington Post article: Cheep Thrills Go now
Chickscope: an educational site all about egg development and incubation Go now
YouTube video - the Cesar Milan on training dogs to be with chickens Go now
YouTube video - a pit bull and a cat making friends with baby chicks Go now
Poultry Disease Symptoms & Diagnosis, Mississippi State University Go now
New York Times article: All Cooped Up in a Manhattan Co-op Go now
USA Today article: Chicken Owners in Cities Score Coop Coup Go now
Chicken Behavior Go now


Chickens And More - a blog about Chickens...and more Go now
Poultry Press - a must-have for anyone interested in showing their birds Go now
Backyard Poultry Magazine - wonderful tips for the small flock owner Go now
Poultry Enthusiast Magazine - Information and glossy photos for the novice & pro alike! Go now

Cities that Allow Chickens

Fort Collins, CO (max of 6, no roosters) Go now
Honolulu, HI (provided the coop meets zoning requirements) Go now
Los Angeles, CA (license required; coop must be 35' from property line) Go now
Madison, WI (4 chickens per household) Go now
Oakland, CA (No limit provided the coop is 20' from property line + no roosters) Go now Portland, OR (3 chickens per household) Go now
San Antonio, TX (5+ chickens per household) Go now
Seattle, WA (3+ chickens per household) Go now
St. Louis, MO (4 chickens per lot) Go now
Tampa, FL (so long as they're not a nuisance) Go now

On why you should choose free-range, organic meat and eggs

Chicken Out Go now
The Meatrix Go now

Other important links

American Poultry Association Go now
American Bantam Association Go now
U.S. Government free disease testing on sick or dead birds Go now

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