A Silver Spangled Hamburg hen stands in front of a gray background.

Hamburgs are a delightful breed known in England as the "Dutch Everyday Layers" or sometimes simply "Everlayers." Not only are they a beautiful breed to show, they're prolific layers of smallish white eggs, and they fare very well in cold weather. Hamburgs are flyers and can be difficult to keep confined. They do need to have a good amount of range for grazing, so we don't recommend them if you can't let your flock range freely at least most of the time. On the other hand, they're sprightly, chipper little birds that look festive decorating your yard.


Class: Continental (Northern European)
Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
Size: Small (4-5 lbs)
Rarity: Common
Purpose: Egg-laying
Recognized Varieties: White, Black, Silver Spangled, Silver Penciled, Golden Spangled, Golden Penciled

Egg Facts:

Egg Laying: Very Good (4/wk)
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Small

Fancy Features:

Comb Type: Rose Comb
Crested: No
Feathered Legs: No
Number of Toes: 4

Suitability to Backyard Life:

Cold Hardiness: Hardy in winter
Heat Tolerance: Tolerates heat well
Bears Confinement: Intolerant of confinement
Especially Docile: No
Setter/Broody: No
Personality: Active, alert, flighty.