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Amprol 128 (amprolium), 20% Soluble Powder, 10 oz + easy dosing scoop for small flocks

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Amprol 128 (amprolium) 20% Soluble Powder is a medication that can be safely used to prevent and treat coccidiosis. It's safe to use during all life cycles of birds, from day-old chicks to adult chickens, including laying hens, breeding flocks, and meat birds. It can also be given to turkeys and pheasants.

Moreover, we have ensured your convenience in using Amprol Soluble Powder by providing a dosing scoop and resealable bag with your purchase. Each scoop precisely medicates one gallon of water, while the resealable bag effectively safeguards against moisture and prevents accidental spills. 


  • No egg withdrawal period
  • Does not interact with other coccidiostats and antibiotics
  • Effectively treats coccidiosis in chicks, laying hens, breeding flocks, meat birds, turkeys, and pheasants. 

This kit includes:

  • (1) package of Amprol 128 Soluble Powder, 10 oz.
  • (1) resealable bag
  • (1) dosing scoop

Dosing scoop Instruction for Amprol Soluble Powder: 

For animal use only.

1. Mix the Amprol Soluble Powder fresh daily and start treatment at the first signs of coccidiosis.

2. Add one scoop per gallon of water for 3 to 5 days. (In severe outbreaks, use two scoops per gallon.) 

3. Then, give half a scoop per gallon for another 1 to 2 weeks. No other source of drinking water should be available to the birds during this time.

See the package for complete dosing information.

Packet instructions translation:

The instructions on the Amprol Soluble Powder packet refer to concentrated solutions of .006% to .024%.

Here's how the dosing scoop translates to those concentrations.

  • 1/2 scoop per gallon of drinking water makes 0.006% solution.
  • One scoop per gallon of drinking water makes 0.012% solution.
  • Two scoops per gallon of water make 0.024% solution.

If you do not observe any improvement within three days, reconfirm the diagnosis and follow the instructions of your veterinarian or poultry pathologist. Losses may result from intercurrent disease or other conditions affecting drug intake, which can contribute to the virulence of coccidiosis under field conditions.

Active Ingredient: Amprolium 25% 

Storage and Handling of Amprol Soluble Powder:

Store Amprol Soluble Powder between 41° - 77° F with brief periods to 104°F. Avoid prolonged exposure to high humidity.

Shipping and Returns:

  • This product can not ship to California due to state laws.
  • Due to health and safety concerns, food products cannot be returned.


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