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Amturf Green Feast Forage Mix, 2 LB bag

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Amturf Green Feast Forage Mix Seed is a fast-growing forage mixture. It's an easy way to feed your backyard chickens fresh greens all year. It can be grown indoors in any container by just adding water. In addition, it's ready to serve your backyard flock in just 7-10 days!

Benefits of Green Feast Forage Mix:

  • Multi-grain formula with ryegrass provides a gourmet feast
  • Protein-rich ingredients offer more nutrients than raw seed alone.
  • Germinates quickly and is ready to serve in 7 to 10 days.
  • Not just for chickens, goats, rabbits, and sheep love it too. 

Ingredients for Green Feast Forage Mix: 

25.5% tetraploid annual ryegrass, 24.97% barley, 19.44% cereal wheat, 9.95% winter peas, 2.99% daikon radish, and 1.99% alfalfa.   

Indoor Growing Directions:

  1. Shake the bag to distribute the seeds evenly. 
  2. Pour the mix about 1/4" thick into a shallow tray or bowl.
  3. Water until the mixture is completely covered. 
  4. Place the tray where it will get sunlight. Keep the seeds moist. You will start to see spouts in just a couple of days!
  5. Serve to your backyard flock once the greens are 2.5" - 3" tall. 

Outdoor Growing Directions:

  1. First, shake the Green Feast Forage Mix bag to distribute the seeds evenly.
  2. Plant the mix into an outdoor container or a garden bed, or try growing these seeds in a Chicken Run Raised Bed. It covers 50 square feet.
  3. Provide full sun or partial shade and keep moist. 
  4. Once the greens reach 1.5" - 3" tall, let your chickens graze them.

Please note: We cannot accept returns on this product due to health and safety concerns.

Made in the USA.

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