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Bow Tie for No-Crow Rooster Collar

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If you think your rooster is handsome now, just wait until you see him in one of these stunning, handmade bow ties tailor-made to attach to the No-Crow Rooster Collar. Want to show off your flock to family and friends, Facebook?  Dress up your rooster in one of these beauties. The bow ties are sold separately, and one size fits all. 

The bow ties attach simply and easily to the collar. Just line up the velcro strip on the bow tie to the middle row of velcro on the collar.

(Keep in mind that if you haven't purchased your collar yet, you may purchase the Bow Tie along with the collar for just $14. You'll see an "Add a Bow Tie" pull-down menu on the No-Crow Rooster Collar page.)

Made in America!

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