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    1 quart

Chick Feeder, Plastic (1 quart)

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This is the perfect baby chick feeder! It's inexpensive and does the trick, for up to approximately 12 chicks. Molded from durable polyethylene, the red base of this feeder attracts chicks, and the little holes prevent them from making too much of a mess. (Nothing can prevent it completely!)

We recommend you use this feeder for the first one to two months of life. After that, you'll need to upgrade to a bigger size, both because you'll have to be refilling this too often, and because your chicks will be hopping on top of the feeder... and you know what that means! (Poo in the food. The answer is poo.)

For use with all types of baby fowl, really. Customers report that it works great for their ducklings, turkey poults and more.

Dimensions: Approximately 9" high; base approximately 6" diameter.