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Chick Fresh Odor Control Spray, 2 oz. or 24 oz.

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This is a product we here at My Pet Chicken are exceptionally fond of. It works and smells great! Not only do the natural enzymes in Chick Fresh neutralize dangerous ammonia and ammonium vapors; they also neutralize harmful microbes. We use it on chicken bedding, to help clean up cat "spray", and even on our dogs' beds.

Chickens, unlike some other varieties of fowl, have particularly sensitive respiratory systems. They can become ill if their bedding is dirty. The naturally-safe microbes in Chick Fresh consume odorous compounds and help overcome dangerous and odor causing pathogens. One 24 oz bottle lasts a month or more in an average coop of 10-15 chickens, depending on how much time they spend outdoors. Spray in and around the coop, including the nest boxes, to refresh your bedding and to leave your coop smelling great!

Safe to use indoors our outdoors, and safe chickens, dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, rabbits and birds.

Ingredients:  Proprietary blend of water, microorganisms, surfactant and scent.