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Chicken Shaped Gift Tags

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These hen, baby chick, and rooster shaped gift tags are perfect to add to any gift, making it extra special. They have many fun uses: gift tags, name tags to hang in your chicken coop, or hang them on your Christmas tree to create a chicken-themed tree.

They are handcrafted with marble resin which will sparkle and shimmer in the light. These ornaments are an MPC exclusive, handmade with love in the USA by one of our very own "peeps!"

  • One rustic jute tie per ornament - for easy hanging
  • One burlap drawstring bag per bundle of five colors, your choice of hen, baby chick, or rooster - making it ready for gift-giving.
Rooster 3 1/2" x 3"

Resin and pigment are hand mixed. The colors and design may vary slightly from pictures.

Usage tip: If you are using these as an ornament near holiday lights that are not LED - please keep your lights from touching your ornament or it may cause it to become soft and pliable. After cooling down for a couple minutes your ornament will be firm again.

Hand wash in cool water if needed.