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    33.9 oz

Egg Cleanser Concentrate, 33.9 fl. oz.

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This egg cleanser is all-natural, so you don't have to worry about putting chemicals on your eggs! Egg Cleanser Concentrate from Carefree Enzymes is eggstremely effective, and designed for everyday egg washing. The unique blend of naturally-occurring enzymes attack organic stains and protein residue for effective removal of contaminants. You'll love your clean eggs, and so will your customers.

You'll also be pleased how far this product goes! It's concentrated, so even a small amount washes a surprising number of eggs. (1 oz. per 15 gallons! That equals over 500 gallons of solution.)

Natural enzymes from plants, trace minerals, and water enhancing agents.

Store in a cool dry place, 40-80 degrees. Do not freeze.