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Epic Grow Bags - Unlined

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Our BPA-free grow bags are great for growers with small spaces. The permeable felt allows excess water to drain away while encouraging root pruning, creating a denser, more fibrous rootball. Our unlined grow bags are great for growers looking for a thicker, sturdier fabric for long-term use.

Growers can also utilize grow bags to produce in locations with poor soil, high weed pressure, or lack of drainage. Our bags are much thicker than average grow bags, ensuring you can grow for years worry-free.

Available in Six Sizes:

  • Crops like lettuce and herbs will thrive in our 5-gallon bags.
  • Larger crops such as peppers, eggplant, and tomato can be grown in the 15-gallon size bags.
  • The 20 or 25-gallon size bags are ideal for growing potato crops and blueberry or raspberry bushes.
  • The 65-gallon size can be used to house many smaller plants as a raised bed alternative, or can be used for a large plant such as a young tree or moderate to large shrub.
  • The 100-gallon size can be used for small trees or large shrubs. 

Dimensions & Material:


  • 5G: Diameter - 11.75 in., Height - 10.25 in. 
  • 15G: Diameter - 19.5 in., Height - 11.75 in. 
  • 20G: Diameter - 19.5 in., Height - 15.75 in. 
  • 60G: Diameter - 35.5 in., Height - 14 in. 
  • 100G: Diameter - 39 in., Height - 19.75 in. 


BPA-free, non-woven, 100% recycled gray PET felt. The felt weight is 450gsm. All materials are UV-treated and should last at least four years.

Shipping Information: 

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  • We can ship to the lower 48 states at this time. We are not able to ship to AK and HI.

Return & Exchange Information:

  • This product can be exchanged or returned within 30 days of the delivery date as long as it is unused and in its original packaging. Contact us to start your exchange or return.

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