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Farmight Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Aluminum

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Introducing the new Farmight Automatic Coop Door: A hassle-free, predator-protection solution for poultry keepers! With its easy installation, battery-powered operation, and three programmable modes, this auto door will change how you manage your flock.

Upgrade your coop and embrace the convenience of modern technology with the Farmight Automatic Coop Door. Experience worry-free chicken care and enhance your poultry-keeping journey today! 

    Easy Installation for All Skill Levels:

    Say goodbye to complex setups and lengthy installations. The Farmight Automatic Coop Door is designed with simplicity in mind, making it user-friendly for poultry keepers of all experience levels. Easily follow the step-by-step instructions in the installation guide, and your coop will be equipped with this auto door in no time. 

    Powered by Just 2 AA Batteries:

    No need for cumbersome power cords or electrical outlets near the coop. Our automatic door operates efficiently on just 2 AA batteries, providing you with reliable performance and peace of mind. The package includes 2 X AA alkaline batteries, ensuring you have everything you need to start immediately.

    Three Programmable Modes for Optimal Control:

    Customize the access to your coop based on your flock's needs with our three programmable modes:

    Light Sensor Mode: This intelligent mode lets nature take the lead. The door will automatically open at the break of dawn, welcoming your chickens to a new day, and gently close at dusk, keeping them safe and secure during the night.

    Manual Mode: Take full control of the door's operation with the manual mode. Open and close the door whenever you need, giving you flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

    Timer Mode: Set specific opening and closing times tailored to your schedule. Whether you're away or prefer consistent timings, the timer mode ensures your coop's access aligns with your lifestyle.

    Automated Door Safety Sensor

    The Farmight Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener has a built-in safety sensor for additional protection. If a chicken is standing under the doorway at the time of closing, the motor will automatically sense the chicken and stop closing. 

    Works in Extreme Weather

    The Farmight Automatic Chicken Door works year-round in extreme temperatures (-15 degrees F to 140 degrees F) when using high-quality batteries as recommended. 

    Supplies Included:

    The Farmight Automatic Coop Door comes with everything you need to get started:

    • Auto door - made of heavy-duty aluminum 
    • Screws for easy and secure installation
    • 2 X AA Alkaline batteries to power your door (Included)
    • Installation guide with clear instructions for hassle-free setup

    Power Supply Options and Dimensions:

    This auto door is powered by 2 X AA batteries.

    The required opening size for installation is 8" L X 1.6" W X 10" H, with a one-inch margin of coop space on the left and right sides of the door. There also must be a minimum space of 12 inches above the device's top edge for trouble-free operation.

    1-Year Warranty for Added Assurance:

    Farmight stands behind the quality and durability of its products. Our automatic coop door has a one-year limited warranty against defects for added peace of mind. Rest assured that you are investing in a reliable and dependable solution for your poultry management needs. 

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