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Fowl Treats Chick Cakes, 12 oz, 3 tins per bag

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Fowl Treats Chick Cakes is specially designed to aid in baby chicks' digestion and growth process. Therefore it allows you to offer your baby chicks a healthy and happy start to life! 

It's a good source of calcium and can even be given into adulthood. Feeding your baby chicks Fowl Treats Chick Cakes allows your chicks to grow healthy and strong. 12 ounces/ Contains (3) 4-ounce tins. 

In addition, this poultry treat blend contains No GMOs, No Additives, No artificial colors, No artificial flavors, No fillers, and No gluten!  

 Health and nutritional benefits:

The Fowl Treats Equinox Blend has top-quality ingredients. These ingredients will help promote the following nutritional benefits:

  • Pre and probiotics: Multi-strain lactobacillus and enterococcus.
  • Bee pollen and spearmint: Promotes gut health, salmonella prevention, healthy egg laying, and egg quality.
  • Grub fly larvae and wheat berries: Complex protein.
  • Sunflower chips and rose petals: Amino acids and antioxidants.
  • Alfalfa and calcium: Provides Vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients of Fowl Treats Chick Cakes:

Pre and probiotics, bee pollen, grub fly larvae, spearmint, rose petals, wheat, alfalfa, sunflower chips, calcium. 

Directions for the use of Chick Cakes:

Chick Cakes is a natural supplement to starter feed and therefore are not meant as a feed alternative. One Chick Cake feeds six baby chicks.

Similarly, you can feed this treat cake to adult birds. We recommend one treat cake per 1 -2  adult birds.

Serve 1-2 times per week. Pop Chick Cake out of the metal tin to serve. After that, store cool & dry.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns on this product due to health and safety concerns.

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