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Pearl Guinea Fowl

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These charming Pearl Guinea Fowl originated in Africa and are a true delight, with their unique feather pattern and unusual personalities. Whether you're a hobby farmer or someone seeking a fantastic addition to your flock, these birds will surely exceed your expectations.

With their striking appearance, Pearl Guinea Fowl have a beautiful combination of pearl-gray feathers adorned with little white speckles. Their plumage resembles a delicate work of art, making them a standout among other fowl breeds. 

Due to selective breeding for meat production, not all birds within this strain exhibit a true pearl color in their feathers. There is variation among individuals, with some having lighter shades while others display darker tones.

Our Pearl Guinea Fowl eggs come from carefully chosen breeding stock from Grimaud Freres of France, offering exceptional growth rates and feed conversion.  

They have distinct personalities and fascinating behaviors. They are naturally curious and intelligent creatures, constantly exploring their surroundings with a sense of adventure. Their playful nature and inquisitive demeanor make them an excellent flock addition and an endless source of entertainment. 

Please note that our Pearl Guinea Fowl are sold as straight-run keets. We do not determine the sex of them before shipping. 

Benefits of Owning Pearl Guinea Fowl: 

  • With their excellent foraging skills, Guinea Fowl consume all sorts of insects like ticks, grasshoppers, and beetles, offering natural pest control for your yard or garden.  
  • Furthermore, their loud vocals, vigilant nature, and sharp senses make them excellent watch birds, alerting you to potential threats, intruders, or strangers.

When it comes to care, Pearl Guinea Fowl are low-maintenance. They adapt well to various climates and are particularly suited for outdoor living. Their robust immune system makes them exceptionally hardy and resilient, appealing to bird owners of all experience levels. 

Read more info about How to Care for Guinea Keets.

Shipping Information: 

  • There is a minimum requirement of 6 Guinea Fowl per order. 
  • Our Pearl Guinea Fowl ship separately from all other birds, but can also be added to any ducklings or goslings that are available on the same shipment date, upon special request. 
  • Although your Guinea Fowl order must be picked up from your local post office, please provide us with your physical address when placing your order. We cannot accept P.O. Box numbers for orders.
  • The minimum order of day-old Guinea Fowl shipped to Rhode Island is 12 due to Rhode Island state law.
  • Guinea Fowl are hatched and shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays of the shipment week you choose at checkout. 

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