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Hatching Eggs: Assorted Show Quality Silkies (6 eggs)

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These gorgeous Silkie eggs come from a premier, award-winning breeder. What's "wrong" with them? Nothing. They're just not the colors she wants to show. Order these eggs and get a surprise! Some babies will hatch out white; some buff; some blue cream; some gray; some a total mystery!

However they hatch out, though, you'll just love the quality of these Silkies, with big crests, heavily feathered feet, and a a lovely body shape. The images you see are above are the actual breeder flock.

Eggs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. This breeder wraps eggs in paper towels, places them in an egg carton, and then bubble-wraps the carton.

Read more about Silkies and see below for more information on shipping.


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