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Hatching Eggs: Chickens for Elitists

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Are you an elitist when it comes to chickens? Don't be afraid to admit it. (We positively luxuriate in our fowl snootiness.) We put this collection together for the unabashed snot, the holier than thou, the pompous, the name-droppers, the wanna-upstage-the-neighbors crowd... That's right, we put together this collection for YOU.

This assortment includes only our most selectively bred, rarest, hardest-to-find, and most pedigreed birds. Go on and add these to your cart. Hatch 'em in your most expensive incubator, too, and make sure to brag about it on social media.

Your order will contain a selection of the following, including a minimum of three different breeds. (The more eggs you buy, the greater number of different breeds will be included. Given your proclivities, you'll already know that you get what you pay for.)

  • Orpingtons: Isabel; Blue/Black/Splash; Chocolate
  • Marans: Birchen; Black Copper
  • Ameraucanas: Wheaten; Lavender; Splash; Blue; Black
  • Swedish Flower Hens
  • Salmon Faverolles
  • Cream Legbars
  • Ayam Cemanis
We don't entertain breed requests on assortments... But since you're an elitist—go ahead. Be a diva and demand what you want. There's an Order Notes box during checkout in which you can make your ultimatums.

Like a good mystery?
We know, we know. You're persnickety when it comes to your flock. You don't want some run-of-the-mill junk thrown in with your elite chicken breeds. Here are some good reasons to add three "Mystery Eggs" to your order.

  1. They're not run of the mill! Honestly people. Our demanding, snobbish breeder wouldn't dream of allowing anything but the best on her farm.
  2. There's room in your expensive incubator for a few more.
  3. If you do, we're more likely to give in to your diva breed demands. (Think of it like you would slipping the maître d' $20 $100 for a better table.)
  4. And Oh! The virtue signalling! Opportunities abound. Casually drop that you rescue chickens "sight unseen" to a couple of chatty kathies — your social standing will skyrocket. (No need to mention that they're bundles of joy you couldn't live without.)
Free Eggs
We like making our customers happy, even highbrow snobs like you. We'll likely throw in a few free eggs — if the mood strikes.


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