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Hatching Eggs: Olive Egger Assortment

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One of our most popular breeds! These Olive Eggers lay large eggs and are very dependable layers. They come in a variety of colors that will stand out in your flock. A mix of F1 and F2 Olive Eggers provide a greater chance of obtaining that deep olive color!

This Olive Egger Assortment may include any of the following: Blue, Black, Splash, Barred, and many more assorted colors and varieties.

Please note that because some of these are first generation crosses (F1), 1 out of 16 eggs will produce a chicken that will lay brown eggs.

Like a good mystery?
If you're up to some Super Sleuthing, order some "Mystery Eggs" and see if you can guess what birds you've received! The color of the hatching egg may provide a clue but you'll need to wait until the chick hatches to see if you're even half right -- the possibilities are almost endless. At $13.95 for (3) Mystery Eggs, it is a great deal, too. So order some Mystery Eggs...make some observations...consider the possibilities...and see if you can crack the code. These Mystery Eggs may hatch large fowl, bantams, known breeds and unknown breeds.

Free Eggs
We like making our customers happy. You'll likely receive free egg(s) with your purchase!


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