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Hatching Eggs: Partridge Wyandotte

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Wyandottes are a favorite of backyard flock owners for their dependable egg laying, their friendliness to humans, and their cold hardiness. They're very good layers of large brown eggs, and can lay even in cold weather... but be aware that Wyandottes will probably be among the most dominant birds in your flock, and are likely to be near the top of the pecking order.

The Partridge variety of Wyandotte is especially rare! Hens are an understated ombre---golden shading to brown---with delicate double-penciling on their feathers. The roosters, however, are especially flamboyant, bedecked in lustrous black plumage with flame-colored hackles and a striking red cape. This particular flock has been sourced from a quality show breeder, so you may find yourself with some beautiful, show-quality birds!

Wyandottes have a heavy body, which makes them a great dual purpose choice, and small rose comb, which makes them perfect for cold climates because they are not prone to frostbite. The hens are hardy, energetic and faithful layers.


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